Energy / Environment

ATAUCE, a step towards the energy transition

Concerned about protecting our environment, ATAUCE has committed to working with innovative partners for the energy transition. An essential part of the concept of ecological transition, the energy transition involves a series of major changes in energy production and consumption systems, with the use of low-consumption components being a priority for the future.

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  • Support, Advice
  • Product demand - Specification
  • Design - certification - reverse engineering
  • Model - Prototype
  • Industrial production
  • Manufacturing
  • Special integration processes (varnishing, resin coating, burn-in, etc.)
  • Tests
  • Operational maintenance - After-sales
  • Purchases and obsolescence management
  • Assistance - development - acceptance

Examples of products: LED lighting systems, Ultrasonic sensors, 3D counters, UVC sensors, wind turbine battery controllers, etc.